Accident FAQ's

Accident FAQs


If I don't feel injured after an automobile accident, do I have to see a doctor?
Both you and your passengers should consider seeing a doctor after an accident. The doctor may recognize injuries, sometimes serious, that are not apparent to you.

How soon after an Accident or Injury should I Access and Document My Injuries
As soon as possible, call US Injury Centers case consultations are always free of charge. When you are injured, in an auto accident, fall down, construction accident, insurance companies immediately engage in investigation.  The longer you wait to access and document you injuries, will give insurance companies more time to deny you the proper medical care you are entitled to. 

Can I go to any Doctor I want or does my insurance company get to pick?
In auto accident cases, your P.I.P. insurance company has no right to choose your treating health care provider or doctor. You can go to any doctor you want. In other kinds of injuries, you may have to choose a doctor who is on your list of preferred providers or primary care physicians depending on the type of health insurance you have. US Injury Centers can review this with you and help you make a sound determination.

Do you accept my insurance?
We accept most health care plans. We also accept all in-state and out of state car insurances.

Does US Injury Center process the paperwork?
We do all the documentation and billing for you, so you can focus on your treatments and recovery.

What should I do when an insurance company asks about my injuries? 
Immediately contact US Injury Center to advise you and protect your medical rights.  Often the insurance company behind the one who caused your injury will contact you to take a statement which they will then use against you later.  The insurance company investigator will look to gather information from you to prevent you from obtaining the treatment you are entitled to

How soon after the accident should I consider getting a lawyer?
Quickly. To be safe, you should talk to an attorney as soon as possible, especially if the injuries are severe or a death has resulted. All too often valuable evidence disappears, witnesses move, memories grow dim and the practical ability to prove your case may diminish. When you are being treated by US Injury Centers, an attorney can also provide you with guidance concerning unpaid bills and getting needed treatment. Legal advice can also be useful if you have questions about the settlement value of a claim, your insurance policy's terms, or suspect bad faith on the part of your insurance company. Contact US Injury Center 1-877 711-HURT.

Will the other person's insurance company pay my medical bills?
It is highly unlikely they will as the case or claim is on-going.  However, “out of pocket” medical bills may be factored into the value of your case, a final evaluation and ultimately settlement of your case.

Will the other person's insurance company pay my lost wages?
Again, probably not as the case is going on, but "out of pocket" wage loss and lost earning ability should also be factored into a final value evaluation and settlement of your case.

Will the other person's insurance company pay me an "advance" for my injuries and then reach a final settlement later?
No, they will not normally do this.  If the "at-fault" insurance company pays at all, it will usually be a lump sum at the end of the case and it is final.

What if it turns out my injuries are worse than I expect many years from now?
Usually personal injury settlements are final at which time you will be required to sign a full general "Release" of all claims. The same is true of a jury awarding you money.  There is however a number of exceptions to this, and you should consult with an experienced accident law firm for your particular situation.  Contact US Injury Center  1-877 711-HURT.

How do I make an appointment to be seen by US Injury Center?
Call our treatment hot line 24/7. Call 1-877-711-HURT.  US Injury Centers are on call 24/7 and are available to speak with you regarding your injury.

What if I cannot afford to pay for the care I need?
Call our US Injury Center today and discover the benefits and payment options available to cover the treatment that you need. Call 1-877-711-HURT.

How do I get to the US Injury Center for treatment?
Transportation is available; call 1-877-711-HURT and we will arrange transportation to and from our treatment centers.  We will ensure that you never miss an appointment due to lack of transportation.

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