The world we live in is hazardous and unpredictable, leaving us frequently exposed to accidents and injury no matter how careful we may be. Although it is common to feel confused, frightened and stressed after an accident, it is very important to remember what your rights are. No matter what the situation, from auto accidents to workplace injuries, there are several things you should keep in mind. 

It is your right to...
1) Not discuss the details of the accident with other involved parties.
     Your smartest move is to immediately call 911 or another appropriate channel to file an official report/complaint. It is tempting to be apologetic or accept blame in an accident, but by doing so you may unwillingly sabotage yourself from a legal standpoint. The only communication that is necessary is the exchange of insurance information, drivers license and vehicle numbers.
2) Call US Injury Centers after 911. 
     There are many complex intricacies involved with accidents and injuries from both medical and legal standpoints, so it is imperative to seek consultation from our experienced team of experts.Upon request we will introduce you to seasoned lawyers, doctors, chiropractors and other professionals to make the process as painless as possible (physically and figuratively speaking)
3) File a Workers' Compensation claim with your employer.
     If injured at the workplace, this is critical to getting the benefits you are entitled to.
4) Seek compensation for Damages. 
      Depending on the type and severity of accident or injury, you may have a strong case for considerable damage compensation. Recovery for damages such as workplace injury, auto accidents, slip and fall and medical malpractice are common. 
5) Collect from all responsible parties.
     While it may not be immediately apparent, there can be multiple parties responsible for any given accident, injury or illness. These may include employers, landowners, bystanders, vehicle manufacturers, medical institutions and building managers.
6) Reject settlement offers. 
     There are many instances where the full extent of an injury will not show for months or years after an accident. By settling early you may lose the right to compensation for damages discovered later on.
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