Initial, Follow-Up / Final Examinations

Initial Exam

After a confidential case history and past history is filled out, an Initial Physical Exam is performed. This examination specifically evaluates your spine, extremities and nervous system by performing non-invasive Orthopedic Neurological tests that are and determine range of motion in the injured joint or body part. After the initial Chiropractic examination is completed, the Chiropractor will then determined whether a set of x-rays is required, depending on the information gathered.

Follow Up

Re- examination is an examination that includes examining the same areas and performing the same test from the initial exam and determining what progress has been made in the Pts care & treatment and determining if and how treatment can be modified to further enhance patient care for a positive outcome.

Final Exam

Final examination is similar to an initial exam, but is done to further examine the patient to obtain information if the patient has achieved maximal improvement for injuries sustained at the time of the patients initial examination.

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